Are you being criticized for giving away free content?

A couple of weeks ago, I talked about the reason why Givers give too much.

This week, we’re going to turn the topic around on its head and discuss whether it’s right or wrong to give free content, or too much free content, on our websites and blogs.

Looking around lately, there is still a big divide on this topic. Lots of popular business coaches are telling entrepreneurs to hold up on giving so much free stuff away. After surveying their clients’ websites, they’re telling women that there’s far too much information free flow, and that the women must put an end to all free giving now.

Free advice on blog posts, free downloads, free classes. Remove it all, cold turkey — now. If doing so disconnects you and alienates you from potential clients? Doesn’t matter, the coach says. That’s just the way it is, ma’am.

Hmmmm. Come again?

Like we always do here at Intuitive Picture, today we’re going to look at all sides of the issue and see what’s truth, what’s opinion, and what’s personal preference.

By the time we’re done, hopefully you’ve gained enough understanding and perspective to make your own decision about what’s right for you and your business.

First, let’s look at the source of these comments. It is helpful to consider the source of guidance before we accept any marketing beliefs and techniques to be true.

Coaches who advise against offering free content are — let’s just say — nowhere near that level of revenue. All things considered, whose advice would you choose to take?

Granted, not everyone’s business model is the same, I recognize that. But here’s what this is really about:

When business coaches advise entrepreneurs to remove all free content from their websites, what they’re actually telling you is:

“Your source of knowledge is too limited. You don’t have enough content to teach. If you give it away for free, you won’t have anything left to sell. You’ll be broke.”

The reason why people tell others these sorts of untruths is because they believe this about themselves. They think, “You can’t afford to give anything away, so don’t!”

In other words, lack thinking.

But of course, before you adopt this kind of belief as your own, or integrate it into your business, you must, you must, YOU MUST(!) ask yourself — “Do I want to believe this for myself? Does this belief serve me? How has this belief served the person giving me this advice? Is s/he successful and happy?”

As for how much free content you ought to give away? Great question. Take a look at a post from my archives, Using your blog as a sales sidekick & how. This will teach you all you need to know about what and how much to give.

I hope this quick post helps you assess how to approach marketing your free content.

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