How to love your empire into life

This blog is for the Divine Feminine artiste–entrepreneur who opts to flow with life and be guided by her intuition. Chances are, if you’ve come across this blog, you are someone just like me who can feel the electricity of special magic coursing through your blood and veins, yet we live in a world where this magic sometimes doesn’t have its appropriate place.

Some of us know we were born to do very specific things. The kind of person I’m talking to is the creative entrepreneur who knows they are destined to create some kind of heartfelt love empire — a far–reaching organization that is meant to do good. Not just to do good but to reverse the ill effects of the bad that has already been done. The mission is to generate love, develop compassionate solutions, and spread it all over the world through our actions, words and energies. It’s about doing things from the heart so that the empires we end up building heal and love everyone and the planet, not destroy.

I find that visionary entrepreneurs like us don’t often find a lot of resonance in the world. For example, I wouldn’t be able to talk about manifestation, numeric frequencies, light codes, collapsing timelines, Akashic Records, DNA activations, planetary movements/retrogrades or the moon cycles with my banker — all real universal laws and systems that would alter the business. Investors will also not want to see us ‘go with the flow’ without a business plan and to just ‘trust’ — but how does one predict the future if one is able to follow his/her intuition and manifest accordingly? If we can manifest instantly and we are being guided by Source at all times, what is the purpose of planning years into the future? Explain this to an investor or banker in the 3D realm…

As a visionary empire builder, it is also challenging to find resonance because we can envision the future in a way that feels too big or impossible to others. When that happens, I find I spend a lot of time in my own head thinking to myself, talking to myself, and working out solutions with myself. With the best of intentions I have tried to work with coaches, but it doesn’t work for me because the solutions I seek are beyond the mental realm and talk therapy. Answers to complex questions often lay in the depths of the universe which can be retrieved through meditation/contemplation, dialoguing with oneself or downloading intuitive information from our higher selves, guides or angels.

If we do find support, we quickly outgrow it, hitting a ceiling where people who once cheered us along stopped doing so because our visions and dreams became too unsafe — or too real. More people have left me when my dreams came/were coming true than when they weren’t. This is why I started this blog. I want to find myself and you and I am craving for a sense of community and belonging in this very intriguing world. We can talk openly now, yay.

We are living in one of the most unique times in recorded history where we’re at the cusp of either making huge sweeping changes that will save humanity and our planet, or watch it fall into destruction. I hope that as a creative entrepreneur — an empire builder and upholder — we are all getting the proper emotional and spiritual support we need to fulfill the destinies we want for ourselves and for all of Life. It would really, really stink if we had all these dreams we wanted to make happen in this lifetime, yet humanity or this planet become extinct due to violence and environmental damage. I don’t want that to happen. I want more time. Conscious change and conscious creation, individual by individual, is what will put us back on the right path.

And if your friends think you are getting too outside of their comfort zone, or your family thinks you’re dreaming too big, or you’ve outgrown your romantic partner, this is the right place for you. I am here to help us heal, succeed, love, and feel the core of who we really are — which is this divine joy that makes happy and sustainable creations possible.

Beauty, worth & love

I’m also writing for the woman who is feeling unsure of herself and her place in the world. I am here to help women understand her worth and beauty, and to feel free and safe to express her heart and vulnerability — and what to do with that in a masculine, economical, productive world. It’s not just about feeling enough. It’s about being in touch with our divine feminine essence, our divine masculine essence, and to become a wholly integrated person within.

What happens when fully integrated people build companies and serve the world? Colossal changes happen and there are a million ways that this can manifest. But there’s one thing I know to be sure: the planet will find itself in love.

It’s important to me to always be in love with something — a person, a project, an idea or vision, a place, an art. Love is what makes me feel alive and my heart is always enjoying the love all around me and inviting it more into my life. So this blog is about how to be deeper in love with yourself, your life and your work as well.

I’m in my 30s but I have the wisdom of someone who has lived for decades more than I have. It’s because I’ve gone through a lot in my life (as we all have) and I always reach to not only understand but to put behind me all that has happened. I’m not someone who rehashes the past. Healing is at the top of my priorities. It’s not only self–care for me — it’s Life. What I will do is go into healing and then speak of the wisdom and transformation that came from the healing. It frees me up so much to pursue what I love and live in a perpetual state of joy and gratitude, even when things aren’t perfect.

My vision here is to really get to know you and to build a community of like–hearted people, angels and magical folk. Please contact me to say hello and tell me your story, what’s bugging you and what you need help with. I used to coach entrepreneurs professionally and I don’t anymore, but I would still love to help so please get in touch!

Ana Coeur

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