When No One Validates Your Intuition

The short answer to this is: no one is supposed to validate your intuition but yourself.

There will be so many times on this journey where you will envision something or receive intuitive insight on an idea, business or project. You might even know that you are destined to romantically be with someone even if outwardly it doesn’t appear so. And when we tell certain people about what we absolutely know for certain to be true, but yet it hasn’t manifested into physical reality, a lot of times we are met with the other person’s silence, doubts, fears and worst of all, they might tell you to ignore your intuition.

This has happened to me plenty of times, especially in the last 3+ years. I’m told I am unrealistic, such and such will never happen, that I should stick to what I know and what I do best (even though it’s not what I want), and that the person who is meant for me and loves me back is just a fantasy in my head.

It used to really bother me and in fact, people’s doubts would actually catalyze me into action or move me into a deeper state of inner knowing. Other people’s doubts are precisely the mechanism that is calling us to trust and believe in our intuition more than ever before. The more that I looked to a so–called ‘more psychic’ person to validate me, the more invalidated I felt. It was like being told that even though I love chocolate and eat it daily, I actually secretly hate it. It’s like someone taking the deepest truth about yourself and twisting it saying that you’re wrong. Nothing can feel more shattering if we aren’t prepared for it.

The greatest geniuses all share the same story: how no one else saw what they did and they received plenty of backlash at the time, yet turned out to be right. There is a reason for it. As an empire builder, we are in the minority. Others aren’t supposed to see what we see. They aren’t really prone to knowing what we already know to be true. In our current consciousness, just some of us have access to this divine knowledge and vision because we are the ones that are supposed to be doing something with it.

It’s okay if no one validates your intuition. Intuition is the language and dance that is between you and the Universe. We don’t need to invite a third–party into this intimacy. Just because others say it is wrong doesn’t make it wrong. It may be wrong for them, but it isn’t wrong for you. It would be like marrying the man you love knowing full well he’s the one you are meant to be with, and then interviewing all your friends asking for their opinion.

Of course, a lot of times we ask others to validate our intuition when we aren’t sure of it. I have had those training wheels for a while in the beginning when I was practicing trusting myself. The Universe doesn’t allow us to hang on to those training wheels for too long, especially if we are meant to build empires. At some point, the Universe will actually send people to devastatingly invalidate you — sometimes crushing your heart — so that you can learn to rely on your own instincts and not invite third–parties into your relationship with The Creator.

I’ll go deeper into how to trust your intuition in another post. But for now, validate yourself! You are, after all, the Empress or Emperor of your Empire. You are always welcome to seek smart counsel, but at the end of the day, the person you ought to trust in most is yourself. You are the decision maker of your life and you are wise and powerful.


Ana Coeur

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