The Challenges of Being a Visionary Entrepreneur

More than ever, spiritual teachings keep telling us to be in the present moment and live in the now. Living in the past gives us depression while living from the future produces anxiety within our being. This is true for sure but if you are a visionary or have psychic visions of the future, living in the now has its moments of being challenging or doesn’t always feel the most natural or good.

For one, visionaries keep seeing the future — this is our psychic gift. More than just see the future, visionaries actually experience the potential of that future in the present moment. We can not only imagine but can sense, see, taste, smell and hear that upcoming reality as our now — so much so that the now might not make a lot of sense. The present reality might feel like a heap of confusion, but the future is always sorted, logical and neatly presented.

Visionaries love living in the future because that’s where it makes the most sense. To other folks, it might seem like we have our head in the clouds or are living in fantasy land. But to tell a visionary to stop having visions is quite impossible because we are simply being ourselves.

The second challenge that visionaries have is that the future realities we sense are so vivid and real that by comparison, the now feels really difficult to be in. There’s this sense of things not being the way they should be, or that they’re taking too long to manifest into the outcome we know it will be in. There is this duality or added challenge of cultivating patience — waiting for visions to be fully manifested. We would also need to have faith that everything is going to transpire in the way that we envisioned it — not in the way we created it or will it to happen (that would be trying to force a particular outcome into life), but rather to watch the present reality transform into the intuitive, psychic vision that we saw or were given to us by the universe.

However, for visionary psychics, usually by the time the vision manifests into physical reality, they don’t notice because they’re usually on to something else and being concerned about another vision coming into fruition. Only when looking back do we see that what we’ve envisioned actually came to life.

Striking a balance

A few years ago, I was talking to Jesus about this and he said visionaries have to have one foot in the future. We are the ones pioneering the creation of new realities and in order for us to do that effectively, part of us have to be already living in that new reality. We are the ones that bring it through for the rest of humanity.

I admit that I really love having a grand vision of my businesses and my life and I gravitate toward looking at the bigger picture. In contrast, executing the daily and mundane details (especially with finishing what I started) are more challenging. It’s easy for me to float off into the ether and I am really blessed to have found soul partners who are able to take my visions and translate them into physical reality. If you are a big dreamer like I am, it’s an important strategy to work with or employ people around you who can take the ball and run with it.

During the times when I am not working with or employing others to implement the small details, I roll up my sleeves tending to these details myself. Too much of that and I get lost and feel down and depressed. The present reality can sometimes feel quite heavy because we are facing the actual obstacles in our path, whereas in our vision all of those problems have been neatly resolved or totally uplifted.

That’s the thing about the present moment — we have to be here in order to solve the problems that exist here. The problem that exists with a future vision? It doesn’t yet exist in the present moment we experience (maybe we will in the future when we learn to exist across all time and space at once!).

What helps visionaries stay visionaries

Daydreaming. Daydreaming helps visionaries connect to the essence of their soul mission. When you zoom out of the mundane details of your present life or business, you’ll once again reconnect with your original intentions of why you’re doing what you’re doing in the first place. Listening to your heart and soul, not asking others to validate your vision, and keeping your head in the clouds are important to stay on path.

As visionaries, we don’t have the benefit of having other people see what we can already see, or clairvoyantly know what would be a great business idea or model. For this, we need to rely on our own instincts and have an unflinching sense of self–confidence and self–assurance. During times that we don’t feel quite confident or assured, we rely on the universe to give us spiritual support and signs.

What helps visionaries return to the present moment

There is nothing more humbling than having to take your head out of the clouds to face something very detailed and technical in the 3D world — like tending to your online presences or dealing with the financial or operational aspects of your business. Frankly, it’s stuff that gives me a mixture of emotions: frustration that life is too short to be doing such headache–inducing minutia, and yet fear that I might accidentally miss some important thing that might get me into trouble.

If you can afford it, what truly helps is to outsource the execution of details to a team that is really good at it. If this isn’t yet possible, I find that the only way to deal with it is to peacefully accept that this is a part of building a business or empire. No one can really escape the more mundane tasks of life, just like we can’t really escape brushing our teeth everyday or making sure we drink enough water. We can’t really meditate or envision away bad breath (or can we???) and no (unpaid) genie is going to come take away all of the hard work so that you can just focus on the fun stuff.

If an entrepreneur insists on only doing the fun stuff and nothing else, he/she needs to hire a CEO or manager who will do all the non–fun but necessary stuff. Keep in mind though, that when you over rely on someone to do what’s not fun — which could be the foundations of your business like selling or customer support or operations — when that person leaves, it could cripple your business. You might not have to do it all, but you do have to know and connect to all the pieces that work in orchestration toward your success.

When your vision doesn’t happen in the way you saw it

Sometimes visionaries don’t like living in the present moment. I know I am like that sometimes. The fear is that if we detach from a future vision, it might not happen. The belief is that we need to hold on to it for it to happen. This is the erroneous part of thinking you have to ‘make it happen.’ There is a tendency to hold onto a vision too tightly as if that is a promise from the universe and that they owe us this outcome. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Oftentimes, the universe will give you a temporary vision that is in service to you finally landing on what is truly meant for you. A simple example is maybe you fell upon an amazing business idea and you envision yourself being successful. But once you start taking action, nothing seems to come together and all hope seems lost. The reality doesn’t match the successful vision at all. Does that mean the vision was wrong? The vision is always right, but the vision was meant to carry you to the next phase of your journey. You were perhaps meant to engage in a business that didn’t pan out, so that you could trigger the next leg of your journey (more about triggering your timelines in another post). You needed this piece to get to that piece, so nothing is ever wrong or in vain.

If the universe provides you with a vision for the future, sometimes what they are communicating is a certain outcome and other times they are communicating a potential outcome. How do you know which is which?

Certain outcomes are fated

Fated outcomes will happen in spite of you — so you can block it all you want but it will still happen because a higher force (your Higher Self) is in charge. Have you ever experienced something where despite your attempts to push something away, it still broke down your door?

Most outcomes are destined

What this means is, the universe can show you a vision of your potential. It doesn’t say it is guaranteed because you are really the creative force that is needed in order to bring it through into the physical. The universe doesn’t show you a successful business and then only for you to sit and wait for it to come through. This is co–creation, or rather, simply creation (as you are already god/goddess).

The universe often does something terribly irritating: it will present you with a picture of a potential outcome without communicating any next steps in how to make that happen. This used to aggravate me all the time because I would see things so grand, yet there was no direct path or next concrete step that I could do to get there. I spent a lot of time spinning my wheels, trying to figure things out with my head, and I never made any major headway.

One of my first business visions in my twenties was to create luxury residential developments. I would clairvoyantly envision the entire design, brand name, marketing, locations and down to the very last detail. Yet after all of this intense incubation which I could only keep to myself, there was no easy, logical or available next step for me to take. I wanted to start this business but HOW??? I’ve asked my intuition, I’ve asked other readers, and the answer was always never there nor quite clear.

What I have learned is that the universe is indeed showing you a vision of your creative and financial potential. It doesn’t say anything about next steps because your next step isn’t about the business itself. Often we overlook the next steps because those steps are not what we want to do. The universe might be telling you to: heal your limited beliefs, clean up your eating habits, sleep more, meditate, organize your financial accounts, relax, take a bath, step away from the business, start a business that is unrelated or the most cringe–worthy yet, G.A.J. (Get a Job — visionaries hate this).

If you are meant to do something about this vision in a direct way, trust me, the universe will find a way to communicate this to you loud and clear in the form of signs and inspiration. You won’t be able to miss it. But if you cling onto a specific vision thinking this is what the universe has in store for you and there is no room for anything else, it is time to take a step back and balance yourself.

The other error in thinking is the part about ‘making it happen.’ If you are meant to materialize this vision, the signs will be presented to you and the steps will also unfold organically and in a flow. You never have to ‘make it happen’ with your bare hands — well, you could, but you would be doing it the hard way if you subscribe to a mentality that struggle & hard work = success.

Final thoughts

We are unlimited in our potential (well, limited also because of our souls are more inclined to do certain work over others) and therefore, the potentiality that exists in all of us is unlimited as well. If you can think it, you are already inviting that possibility into your realm of potential. When you receive a vision, it isn’t something that you are promised. If you want it, you’ll need to attract it.

At the moment, I invest the appropriate amount of time and energy in both future and current dimensions, although I spend abundantly more time in the now. Every few weeks, I will give myself an in–depth intuitive reading on all of the potential outcomes and future energies that are coming online into my life or auric system. I write it all down but I never look at it again. It is not a guidebook or roadmap to what I want to create. But somehow, my body and energy already know what to do. Almost always, I forget what I wrote on those papers. When I come back to it several weeks later, somehow I had resolved or achieved whatever I had intuited myself to be doing (keyword: intuited, not created/forced — which means I am allowing my Higher Self to guide me in what to do, not the other way around).

Learning how to work with yourself (observing and honoring your tendencies) and leading yourself is such a huge component and success factor of being a builder of empires. We may not be able to go out there and find a coach who can relate to us or who can teach us (from direct experience) how to build an empire. This is why I wanted to write about these things that are unique to visionary, creative and intuitive entrepreneurs. The topic of being a visionary, living in the future and living in the now is so multi–faceted that I’m certain I’ll be doing a Part 2. In the meantime, let me know your comments and any questions below. I hope this has helped you!

La la la!

Ana Coeur

  • Myrissa
    October 23, 2019

    Wow! This helped me so much! I am definitely on this side of entrepreneurship, and just knowing others are like me it is freeing. It was liberating to have some of my similar ideas be laid out. Using intuition to lead in business is “acceptable” lol. Thank you for this!

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