The Intuitive Sales Call & Intuitive One–On–One Selling

Here’s a unique opportunity for you to practice how to sell on the phone in live mock sales calls with me.

The Intuitive Sales Call is something I created to help heart–centered entrepreneurs sell themselves authentically, without needing to be sleazy, slimy, slick and manipulative.

The principle behind the Intuitive Sales Call is that I train you to tune into your inner ear — the intuitive ability to hear between the words spoken and diagnose the energy of your buyer, so that it helps you know what the other person is thinking (and not saying), and how to lead them to purchase. It is done from heart, love, compassion, giving, integrity, trust and respect.

Sales, as you’ll learn here, is not just a transaction between two parties. It is actually complex communication system. This communication system is designed for others to recognize your value and to invest in your value, for an outcome that they desire.

Here, I teach you how to convert those who are on the fence to buying into your products and your vision. We’ll work extensively on how to close the sale.

Everyone’s style of selling is different, so we’ll also hone in on your unique ability to communicate with people and bring that to the forefront. The result is that when you sell, you will feel authentic, aligned with integrity and comfortable in your skin, instead of feeling like you need to put on a fake face in order to get what you need.

Selling one–on–one requires that you carry deep conviction about yourself and also requires high emotional intelligence, meaning for you to stay in your emotional center. Here, you will learn to fly by your intuitive instincts and allow your heart to guide you to the highest possible outcome for all involved.

At the core of selling intuitively is about attunement, where you harmonize your sales dialogue to become at one with the sales situation at hand.

In our live sales practice sessions, you’ll learn how to:

Stop ‘selling yourself’ and waste time and energy doing it

• Comfortably and powerfully lead delicate sales conversations with ease and confidence

Collaborate with your inner introvert during sales situations

Develop your intuitive senses to gauge where the ally or customer is in the decision–making process

Hone your intuitive ear to listen for sales cues

Recognize and vet qualified and unqualified leads

• Knowing exactly what questions to ask to guide someone to say yes

Use intuition to listen, ask questions, diagnose problems on the spot, probe at pain points and close information gaps

• Cultivate a heightened awareness of the resistance that prevents the sale from closing

• Discover your personal technique of getting a customer to buy

Activate attunement to move you away from slimy, sleazy and slick sales techniques

• Make a heartfelt connection without small talk

Recognize how customers see your products through their highly trained, discerning minds

Knead and shape sales conversations on the fly depending on the sales situation

Feel comfortable negotiating terms and rates on the fly without short–selling yourself

Respond to pressure from customers to discount

Discover an authentic and loving way to apply pressure to a sales situation without alienating the customer

Stay centered and knowing how to respond when a prospect objects to your prices and becomes emotional

Recover from a sales situation gone wrong

Intuitively diagnose every sales situation before it happens and anticipate the outcome

• Determine what your bottom line or minimal commitment is, and manage the progress of the sales situation

Work with your emotions and fears during a live sales situation

Understand when to let go of a sale

• Understand when to let go of a sale

Here’s how to work with me:

One session: $168

Two sessions: $325

Each session is around one hour long. There are no refunds once the session begins.