The pressure to change the world

Do you ever feel pressured to change the world? I’ve been avoiding social media and any kind of messages pushing me to heal myself or change my life in order to change the world. I used to chant for this kind of personal change, but nowadays, not so much. I am inclined to leave myself and others alone.

Where does this pressure come from? Well, in our culture, it’s wrong to be a nobody. If we change the world though, we can prove we are somebody. More than somebody — we can be a rockstar or a savior. This pressure leads us to states of anxiety and hopelessness and the feeling that if we aren’t changing the world, then somehow we aren’t living up to our fullest potential.

I do know that the world seems to be falling apart at the seams, and for those of us who tend to be rescuers, we feel that if we don’t heal in a hurry, humanity will become extinct and the planet unlivable. Or, if we don’t learn how to love, our loved ones may fall into an irreparable state of despair beyond no return. This pressure feels like all hope for humanity is on us while not having the proper amount of resources at our disposal. From this angle, we also tend to focus more on our external reality rather than our inner state.

I used to pressure myself a lot…about everything. I wanted to hurry up, succeed, to be somebody, and to attract love into my life. Through healing the past ten years and shifting how I have been wired, I learned that the pressure to change the world comes from the outside. Our soul tends to guide us to the appropriate things at the perfect time. This mad rush to affect change only comes from social conditioning that we are only worthy if we are doing something. Go big or go home, as they say. Not only that, however way you are changing the world, someone else will try to outdo you. So, it’s competitive, too.

Being yourself is really an art. Art is an expression that doesn’t have an agenda to be popular nor understood. There is no pressure. It marches to the beat of its own drum, reveals mysteries in its own timing, and every form of expression is valid and belongs. And that is who we are. We are art, learning the art of being ourselves.

It’s okay to be a nobody, to feel small, and to not hurry up with growing up. When you are being yourself, you are changing the world — the energy within and around you, and those who spend time with you or cross paths with you. Have you ever been in the same room with a narcissist or an energy vampire? They are changing the world simply by being, without having to do a thing. That’s how you know that simply by being on the inside, you are changing things on the outside.

So…just be yourself without a hidden agenda! Do what you love and brings you joy, and don’t worry about whether your effort will help anyone or make a dent anywhere. If you are expressing love, then you are making a difference somewhere. When you are living from your higher self, being self–serving means you are being all–serving. Because after all, we are One. Stop demanding yourself to be bigger than you currently are. As you release your walls that govern how ‘big’ you want to be, your energy will naturally expand to hold more in your life.

La la la!

Love & magic,

Goddess Ana Coeur

  • C.S. Coples
    May 7, 2020

    This is amazing! I REALLY needed to read it. Thank you.

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