Why you’re afraid to charge more for your work

So, is it wrong to charge too much money for your services?

This continues to be a HUGE, sensitive debate among the intuitive and creative community. Talking our way to the right answer awakens fears, negative emotions, our upbringing and scars from the past.

Is it really that wrong to charge $997 for a reading? What about $1 million for coaching?

Let’s discuss this from an objective point of view. By the time we are done, I hope you will see that the truth is not as morally complicated as you may believe.

First, let’s start by looking at the question itself. The problem rests with the words “too much.”

When we wonder if something is “too much”, we are only asking from our personal point of view, not from our potential customer’s.

What feels “too much” for us may not be for others. In a strange way, it’s almost a self–ish way to look at it.

When we change the perspective from where we ask, the more accurate way to phrase this question would be:

“Is it wrong to charge a client what she’s ready, able and willing to pay?”

See how that turns the perception around? That is the more factual, unbiased question you want to be asking from your potential client’s point of view.

So what’s this about?

When we feel it’s wrong to charge “too much” money, it’s because we don’t trust the value of our work, and we’re also not willing to stake our reputation on the results of our work.

People compare features, buy for benefits and pay for results.

When an entrepreneur is afraid to charge more for her services, it is because she doesn’t yet trust her own value, and also doesn’t want to stake her reputation on the results she can create.

In answer to last week’s question of how you get your clients to trust in your value? They will only trust in your value when you trust it yourself.

When we want to raise our price but feel uncomfortable doing so, it can be because we’re not sure if we can upgrade our promise. Or, maybe we feel receiving more money equals more expectations from the client, which we aren’t sure we can deliver. Where are you afraid of being accountable to your clients?

And more importantly, are you afraid to sell your work, or are you afraid to sell your value?

Selling your work vs. selling your value

Selling your work vs. selling your value is not the same. Here’s a great example:

I used to be crazily in love with a singer who ended up achieving multi–platinum, international fame by covering other people’s songs. Back then when I first started following him, he was a nobody. By the time we met, the world had already gone bonkers for him.

Theoretically, he shouldn’t have been successful at all. He didn’t have any songs of his own (at the time). He’s merely singing other people’s stuff! You might even call him a glorified cover artist. How DARE he charge any money whatsoever — what injustice!

But he did, and he made it big time. Contrast this with a peer of his (I won’t say who), who started at the same time as this person, singing the same songs, basically doing the same exact thing. But he believed he sang it better. Theoretically, the outcome for both people should be the same, shouldn’t it? But it wasn’t.

One person chose to market his value, while the other chose to market his work. And it made all the difference in the world.

Some hard questions

If you’re not willing to raise your own prices nor reserve criticism for those who choose to, check in on yourself to find out why.

If you intentionally keep your prices low so that more people can afford your services, AND looking at others charging much more for doing the same amount of work (perhaps even less) does not arouse any kind of enviousness, resentment, disgust or competitive tension within you — then by all means, do it for business reasons. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

But if it does trigger intense, raging envy, or produces tension in your gut, or if you’re saying, “HOW DARE SHE!!!”, then you’ve got some inner work to do, honey!

I compassionately understand that this is a very fragile area because it hinges on strong beliefs buried underneath. It takes time and intention to bring them to light.

If you are determined to reach the other side of this problem, then it’s time to answer some hard questions:

• What’s your fear really about? What specifically makes you so upset that other people can ask and receive more money, but you cannot?

• What are you not trusting about your work or your value?

• Where are you holding yourself back?

• If you currently stake your reputation for $197 per hour, what do you have to do to shift, in order to stake your reputation for $297 or $1,497 per hour?

• Where are you unwilling to hone your craft in order to strengthen the results you promise?

Master your craft

People who charge lots of money for their services get there by stepping up a ladder, one rung or several at a time. This is what they did to upgrade themselves, reach the top of their game and charge the big bucks:

1. They mastered their craft
2. They worked for the praise, not for the money
3. They can claim measurable results

If there is such thing as a formula, this is it.

Surgeons become world–renowned and second–to–none when they master skills above their peers. The happiest and most successful entrepreneurs work tirelessly for their clients’ satisfaction; the financial rewards are more secondary. Those who stake all of themselves into their creations have the facts and figures to back them up. Where there were none, they’ll generate them, and they’ll set the bar for others as well.

Personally, I don’t work for the money. I work for the testimonial. And I believe that’s how entrepreneurs ought to look at it. You gotta know what’s in it for you. For me, client happiness and having the right tools to go gangbusters is my stake in it. I can proudly stake this because I actively create this with my clients. I’m not passively promising an outcome I can’t deliver. And I always keep on strengthening my services, no matter how many years I’ve been doing this work.

“A winner knows how much he still has to learn, even when he is considered an expert by others; a loser wants to be considered an expert by others before he has learned enough to know how little he knows.”
— Sidney J. Harris

Many years ago, Sheraton Hotels staked their reputation on this: if you don’t get a good night’s sleep at their hotel, you get your money back. How can they stake this? Because they actively created a unique bed and all the right features to ensure they can deliver this result.

If your methods truly brought someone the results she seriously needs and wants, what would be the problem in charging more? Where would you hesitate?

What are you not willing to claim, own or stake in your work?

And the big question: If you did, how would that change your price?

What’s my opinion

Normally, I don’t assert definitive opinions about business do’s and don’ts because it always depends on the situation, the products/services and the customers.

But in this case, my opinion is, it is not wrong to charge “too much” — if you are willing to stake your reputation and integrity on it.

The world sometimes has that problem of people charging too much money for crap.

But all of us, you included, are part of an advanced spiritual civilization where our integrity is impeccable and our stuff is aligned with the Highest good of all we sell to. So don’t look at others and get mad about what they do — that’s not your work.

And it’s not that you have to justify your prices — that’s not the right word. The more accurate way to say it is, the Universe always welcomes you to expand your business in a way that’s aligned with love, service and your heart.

Taking into account these things, go ahead, raise your prices. Remember, if you don’t do what it takes to keep your business doors open, the world loses one more valuable lightworker who could be helping and healing lots of lives.

The responsibility to keep your business doors open is yours. Don’t look to your peers for what to do, because your business is yours and their business is theirs. For all you know, they may also be struggling with doubting their own value, just from a different altitude.

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