Why it is imperative that you work in your zone of genius

Today let’s dive into why it is crucial to your business to work in your zone of genius.

But first, let’s take a slight detour into something what you’ve probably heard plenty about: the Ideal Customer.

In my first full time job out of college, I went into design and corporate sales, selling high–end websites which cost upwards of $2–500,000. As a designer and brand architect, I was also tasked with the responsibility of selling my work and communicating the value of my ideas. The CEO, who remains a dear friend to this day, educated me in the Miller Heiman method. Miller Heiman is an organization which specializes in helping executives achieve superior sales performance.

A lot of what I teach at Lallabon has roots in high–end sales. My aim is to merge spirituality and Universal laws together with sound business strategies and the highest serving sales philosophies. This results in a new type of entrepreneurial characteristic or essence, which I call having business consciousness.

In the corporate world, sales teams sit down with worksheets like many solopreneurs do, figuring out exactly which audience they can serve extremely, unquestionably well. This is known as your zone of genius, which is the magical area or intersection of skills where you shine brilliantly to the moon and back.

You have probably been aware of your zone of genius for a long time, maybe ever since you were old enough to tune into the desires of your heart. We intimately know where we excel, because when we’re doing that work, everything feels magical and life just expands. All is well and joyous and peaceful. The trouble is, we don’t always work where we excel exceptionally well because we hold ourselves back. The great big paradox of the Universe is, the very thing we were born to do is also the very thing we’re most scared to do. This is how many of us fall under our own glass ceilings.

In order to work with your Ideal Customer, you’ll also come to realize that you have to step into your own zone of genius before you’ll be able to tap into your perfect client. There is someone in the world, or lots of someones in the world, who are a perfect match to exactly what you can give. It’s up to you to dig deep and clarify who these people are.

What’s the motivation behind working with your Ideal Customer?

There are many. Let’s look at the train of thought behind why you want to focus on serving your Ideal Customer:

• Serving your Ideal Customer ensures that you always do your best work where you best shine

• Doing your best work ensures that you raise your reputation, credibility and respectability, and also makes you happier

• The happier you are, and the better your reputation, credibility and respectability are, the easier it will be to enjoy life, market yourself and charge higher prices

• Being able to charge higher prices helps you make more money and provides the lifestyle you dream of

• Having the lifestyle you dream of, which you created entirely from doing what you love, is what will give you deep fulfillment as a soul

No matter how many different types of clients you know you can serve pretty well, there is really only one group of audience which you can serve exceptionally well. Marketing teachers will stress that entrepreneurs and businesses should focus on a particular niche audience, and this is just another way of saying the same thing. By being extremely selective about whom you work with, you’re helping yourself build an untarnished reputation.

Businesses and entrepreneurs that make the most money are those who are specialists — whereby their products and services are an inch wide and a mile deep.

Businesses and entrepreneurs that don’t make as much money are those who are generalists — whereby their products and services are a mile wide and an inch deep.

The more you’re able to niche and specialize yourself, and laser target it to only those who you can serve exceptionally well, you give yourself distinction and also elevate your respectability and credibility.

For example, let’s say you are a fashion designer and you are absolutely brilliant at designing and sewing high end bridal gowns. This is what lights your soul up and you’re fantastic at it. But because you don’t have a ton of confidence around doing this work, you diversify yourself and start marketing general services in order to pay the bills. Maybe one week you’ll be hemming pants and next week you might be altering prom dresses.

Pretty soon, the local community knows all about you and sends all the alterations your way. You’ve become the go–to girl for fixing people’s wardrobes and handling fashion emergencies. You’re good at this stuff, indeed, but this is not where you shine. This is not where you get to charge the big bucks and not only that, this work fills up nearly all of your time, so you’ve got no energy or minutes left to do anything else.

This is when an entrepreneur chooses not to work in her zone of genius, but only in a zone of competency. As a technician, she’s able to handle that work for sure. But she is so far removed from the area where she is a mastermind. She’ll never be able to shine as long as she continues to serve an audience where she cannot serve exceptionally well. For all we know, she could be the next Vera Wang, if only she would only choose to work in her zone of genius.

This is how paramount it is to work only with your Ideal Customer and only within your zone of genius — because if you don’t, no one will ever discover what makes you uniquely you and pay you the big bucks for the talent that only you have.

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