Don’t know your next step? Here’s what to do

Have you ever been told to start where you are and take the next step and you’re sitting there scratching your head thinking, “Just what the hell is my next step???

Or, do you know what the next steps are but there are simply too many to choose from?

These used to be big problems of mine because as a visionary, we can see 10 years into the future, but we cannot see what we should be doing today. And, I was also too busy trying to avoid choosing the wrong path from a menu of too many options. When you want to do everything, how do you decide?

Here is the secret: deep down, you can’t really go wrong. Not from an intuitive, spiritual, life–lesson–learning perspective anyway. Today, I want to tell you exactly how to unstick yourself when you simply don’t know what to do or choose:

1. Do what’s right in front of you

When you don’t know where to start, just do the work right in front of you—the work you cannot see because it’s right under your nose. I know this might seem oversimplified but it’s true. Often we think that the next step has to be a grand step, but most of the times, it’s not. It is often the steps we are prone to ignore because they seem too insignificant or too simple to be qualified as a step. We get stuck when we have too many of these little buggers piling up, so much so that they cloud our ability to see.

2. Don’t analyze your options

If you have five ideas in front of you right now, choose one and go down that road. Pick the one that sparks your heart center the most and then run with it. It doesn’t matter if you picked the right idea or not. In the beginning, don’t try to figure out what’s the right thing to do because you don’t have enough information yet. The only way to find out is to try it.

For example, I wanted to manufacture furniture. But I was too scared and felt stuck about how to get started. So I went into manufacturing diamond jewelry instead, because why not? Going down the wrong path helped me get back on the right path. Sometimes you can’t ruminate every path in your head. Eventually you just have to pick something, risk being wrong, and then course–correct if you have to.

Often, you don’t know what your next step is because you are missing information to help you make a decision. And when you’re missing information, you need to do something—anything—to set things into motion and then get feedback.

This feedback—especially intuitive feedback—is valuable information to help steer yourself onto the right path. When you do that, you’ll just know what you finally want—intuitively, intellectually and emotionally. You won’t have to analyze a thing when your heart gives you the clearest answer you’ve been looking for.

3. Finish it

This one is simple. What have you started but not finished? A lot of times we think we are stuck, when in fact, we just haven’t finished what we’ve started and then we go looking for something else/new to do. When you are stuck, complete all those open projects. You will energetically make space for new beginnings.

4. Stop trying to figure it out

Listen to your heart, not your head! Get out of the mode of overthinking and align to your deeper purpose. Listen for the still, inner voice. This is stuff that cannot be figured out with the mind.

5. Change the question

When you are stuck, change the question. Deep down, you already know what to do, but your judgment is temporarily clouded because you are too focused on being stuck and waiting for the right thing—and not realizing how accessible the next step actually is.

Rather than ruminating about what your next step is, ask yourself these questions:

• Who can I hire right now to make this easier for me?

• What are the downsides to waiting, delaying and postponing?

• What are all the upsides, precious gifts and lessons I can receive from taking action before I feel ready?

In other words, entertain the bright side, the prize at the other end of the leap. Engage your mind with positive expectations and know that whether your move was a right one or a wrong one, you trust yourself to handle whatever happens.

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