Debunking 4 entrepreneurship myths

Do you love to question everything you hear? I do. As business conscious entrepreneurs, I believe it’s very important to always question every belief you’re told.

Our beliefs and mindset are the very things that will either help us succeed or keep us stuck. It’s vitally important that you keep an open mind to learn everything you can about business, but also heighten your level of discernment to always evaluate if something is true, not true or not necessarily true.

To me, Truth has a certain ring to it — it resonates throughout your whole body and it feels peaceful and expansive. It lets in love and oxygen. Stuff that’s not true, as my friend Lisa would say, would sound like a ‘clang’ to her. And stuff that’s not necessarily true always makes me go, “Ehhh…not quite.”

So here we go — today, let’s debunk some of the common entrepreneurship myths. Use your own sensibility radars to see what’s true for you. If you’ve heard of some more myths, please share below in the comments!

Myth #1:
Do what you love and the money will follow

Truth–o–meter: Not necessarily true

Let’s state the obvious: plenty of us have hobbies and interests which we do joyfully and seriously, but we either consciously or unconsciously choose for it to not bring in any income.

On the flip side, lots (and lots) of people in this world make loads of money by doing what they hate or don’t really love. Loving what you do is not a prerequisite to making money. Those people make money alright, they’re just not deeply joyful or fulfilled on the inside.

I think people repeat this myth because it offers some hope: if you’re currently doing what you hate and you’re not making that much money from it, it feels very inspiring to be told that as soon as you follow your heart, the income will also bust through the gates.

The more accurate way to say this is: Sell (and persistently market) what you love, and both money and deep fulfillment will follow. Do what you don’t love and the money will follow, but joy or deep fulfillment will not necessarily follow.

Myth #2:
Chasing 2 rabbits will lead to catching none

Truth–o–meter: Not necessarily true

Clang! That’s what I get whenever I hear this statement.

If you are multi–passionate, chances are, you’ve been told to focus on just one business or one passion at a time. Technically, this is somewhat true. It’s not humanly possible to focus one eyeball on one thing, and the other eyeball on another thing. Not even if you tried!


I once read a success coach’s response to an entrepreneur asking if he could run a photography business and pursue professional martial arts at the same time. I thought to myself, why not? All he needs to do is hire a CEO to run his photography business. But the coach told him no, because chasing 2 rabbits will lead to catching none.


This is a predicament which I’ve been facing lately as I am growing two businesses at the same time. I also look at Richard Branson‘s entrepreneurial history and see that he’s already debunked this myth with personal experience. And in conversations with my Spirit Guides, they’ve also told me I can do both and have both, and there’s no reason why this cannot be.

I thought about it some more, and realize here’s the problem with that myth: it rests with the keyword of chasing.

If one was indeed chasing 2 rabbits, obviously that person could only catch one bunny at a time. But growing a business isn’t a chase or a pursuit. Entrepreneurship is more like a garden, where you plant seeds, nurture it and harvest the end result. It isn’t that difficult to imagine a gardener being able to grow two different types of plants at once.

Plus, if this myth were true, it’d be true in all instances of life. If chasing two rabbits will lead to catching none, then there would be no such thing as a work–life balance: you are either a worker or you are a homemaker. Or, it’s not possible to run a business and raise children at the same time.

The more accurate way to say this is: Nurturing two plants will likely lead to harvesting two plants. It’s up to the entrepreneur to figure out how she can make that possible, perhaps by having two businesses that serve the same clientele or market, by hiring a CEO for her other business, by investing in someone else’s business as a partner, or by buying an existing business that she doesn’t need to develop intimately.

Myth #3:
Most businesses fail within the first five years

Truth–o–meter: True, but also not true

Businesses fail because people give up, or they run out of money and ideas and give up. Entrepreneurs are not a statistic — you are not predisposed to failure because of a historical rate. It’s more important to go into the story of why an entrepreneur made the choices he or she made, and to learn from him or her.

The more accurate way to say this is, most businesses fail within the first five years because the steward of the business chose to discontinue it. You know, if you are growing flowers and you decide to stop watering it and chop off its stems, it’s not because the flower is predisposed to failing, or that most flowers fail to bloom — it’s because the act of nurturing it has been discontinued.

Myth #4:
As soon as I get there, life will be easy

Truth–o–meter: Not true

The hard work is never over because as souls, we are continually given lessons which stretch our emotional limits. Running a business is hard, but it’s also our emotions, mindset, fears, doubts and things which we don’t know or understand that makes it hard, or even harder than it needs to be.

As your business grows up and your spiritual understanding matures some more, you’ll be given new emotional challenges to face and you won’t be able to run away from the life lessons you’re meant to learn.

Business becomes somewhat more comfortable once you’ve reached a certain point due to hiring employees and buying better systems, but the hard work is never over. Entrepreneurs and creators are inclined to love good challenges, and people who love challenges aren’t wired to rest on their laurels or to stop stretching themselves. Even if you have climbed Mount Everest, you’ll want to go to the moon or Mars and back to tell about it.

So there ya go — why are some other myths you’ve heard? Don’t let any untruths mess up your entrepreneurial journey and cause you to miss out on a higher belief that better serves you.

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