3 red flags indicating someone won’t buy

Have you ever had potential clients take you down a very convincing and exciting sales rabbit hole, and after spending a lot of time trying to convert them, they decided not to buy? Dang it, right?

When we spend a lot of time trying to convert a sale that ultimately doesn’t go in our favor, it can feel very disheartening, demoralizing and exhausting! But it doesn’t need to be that way. Today I will teach you 3 tell–tale signs that a potential buyer is not going to buy from you:

1. They don’t know what you do, and your sales call is the first time the potential client is learning about you.

The point of writing targeted copy is so that a potential client fully checks you out before s/he gets on a sales call with you. When copy is done right, the right clients automatically select themselves and move further along the sales funnel. The wrong ones deselect themselves and go away.

Thus, great copy functions as a gatekeeper. When I teach my sales call conversion method to entrepreneurs, we focus heavily on increasing your chances of talking to potential buyers, and limiting your chances of talking to those who have no intention of buying.

I find that those who have no intention to buy typically asks on the phone, “So what exactly do you do?” That is a sign of an unproductive call. It‘s also a sign of someone who didn’t bother reviewing your website before they booked a free appointment.

So what do you do? You focus on those who are intending to buy, and also those who are intending to buy but need more time to build trust between you. Discernment, perceptiveness and accurately diagnosing every sales situation is how you convert big sales.

2. If they tell you (or hint) that they have no money

This might seem like common sense, but you would be surprised how many people will try to fish from an empty well. Some coaches will teach people pressure tactics on how to convince clients to max out their credit cards. And if potential clients dodge behind their spouses (“Let me talk to my husband/wife”), some coaches will teach people to get the spouse on the phone too, so they can work out the payment plan together…and NOW.

We certainly juggle lots of different pieces in order to result in a sale — the branding has to ping a real desire, the copy needs to be targeted and clear, the price has to be set to a level that your audience will bear, and the product or service must meet your audience’s expectations so you can sell more units.

More or less, you have control over those things, to a large extent. What you don’t have control over is who will buy and also if people have any money for it. I learned that it’s futile to try to change or will into being what you can’t.

So what do you do? Focus on those who do have money (obviously). Make sure your copy specifically targets your ideal income demographic and learn to listen ‘in–between the lines’ when people are telling you about themselves.

3. They haven’t first sold themselves

It might seem like the sales call is where you’re supposed to sell. But in actuality, you don’t sell to people. People sell to themselves.

This is why I emphasize copywriting so strongly — because the fact remains it is nearly impossible to sell to someone who hasn’t already sold to themselves. And if that does happen for you, more often than not, it ends up in buyer’s remorse or a request for a refund.

So how do you help people sell themselves? It all goes back to what you can control: you make sure your copy and free content (blog, newsletter, classes) works on your behalf. That means having your free content market you, build trust, inform, inspire and ping real desires.

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