What is intuitive web design?

What is intuitive web design?

Hello there, my love! I’m so excited to talk to you today about what is intuitive web design.


First, let’s talk about traditional web design

Traditional web design, business planning and marketing is a strategic, linear process. Entrepreneurs and their coaches or advisors sit down to figure out exactly how they want to start their business, grow and where they end up. The process is very left–brain oriented and usually includes lots of research, statistics and data to back up or justify all the decisions the entrepreneur is making.

For example, the business may choose the color blue because statistics say this and that. Or, the entrepreneur might sell a certain product or service because their demographic research says X percent of the community would buy something like this at X dollar amount. You get the idea.

Not to say that this is wrong, but as you may know, most startup businesses fail. The popular opinion (or fact) is that most startups fail because they run out of money. They may be true in some cases, but what I believe is that businesses fail because they were not energetically aligned with the entrepreneur.

In other words, there is something about the business that isn’t on board or on track with the entrepreneur’s destiny. All the research and statistics in the world can prove on paper that an idea is infallible or near guaranteed to work. But something about it just isn’t working.

Now, you’ve probably already experienced this in some measure in your business. Perhaps you have launched something and the silence was deafening. Or maybe you are working your butt off to sell a program or a service but no one is buying even though people seem interested. Or, maybe you get a lot of traffic on your site but it doesn’t seem to convert into sales.

Sometimes, this kind of thing can be figured out because a lot of times, the mechanics of business or buy and sell are a bit off. A tweak or a shift in the actual offering or sales process can be just the thing it needs.

But sometimes, the lack of results point to a bigger foundational reason. What if no one is buying because this isn’t what you’re supposed to be selling? What if the energetics behind your message aren’t hooking with your tribe or ideal audience? What if your words and the design look great ‘on paper’ but there is a je ne sais quoi that people are intuitively picking up, making them feel your business and message are incongruent and they just don’t know why?

Incongruency is a major reason why websites and copywriting can say the perfect things and look the perfect look, but yet somehow the power and potency of your intent or your words aren’t reaching people.

Exactly why is that?

There could be any number of reasons, which is exactly where intuitive web design comes in.

At first blush, it probably sounds like I clairvoyantly tune into you, your aura and the energetics of your business and design your whole website from there. It is, but it is also so much more than that. Here’s what I get when I tune into your aura and business:

• Next steps
• Products and services that are YESES for you to sell right now, in full alignment
• Your business’s grand vision, what it is pulling you toward
• Your strengths
• The colors, patterns and shapes for your business logo — how your business wants to express itself
• The keywords — the golden words — that magically represent who your business is
• Your audience’s needs — the messages and offering that your potential customers are looking for and want to hear from you

From there, a logo and a website is born, specifically tailored to the next phase or project of your entrepreneurial undertaking.

Contrast with traditional web design, intuitive web design is holistic and performed on a spiritual plane. We absolutely look at things like “the market” and your demographics — but it takes it several steps further by partnering together with your soul.

My belief is that your soul, which is in command of your soul purpose and the Divine Grand Plan, holds all the intelligence and information you need to develop your business to the highest potential you are meant for.

When we work together, it is akin to me helping you unpack your suitcase that is contained inside your aura. We unfold the fabric of your business, the tapestry of who you really are at soul level, color swatches, paint brushes, art, poetry and inspiration that is meant just for you.

Hi, I’m Ana Coeur

I teach entrepreneurs how to create their business straight from their soul. I offer a complete Intuitive Business Suite to help you create, design, write and sell all from your intuition. Here’s the services you can take advantage of to empower your business: Intuitive Web & Brand Design, Intuitive Copywriting and Intuitive Selling. If there’s anything I can help you with, I would love to hear about it! You may email me at anaatintuitivepicture.com

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