Are you selling you, or your façade?

A sensitive topic has been weighing on my mind for more than a year. I’m finally ready to talk about it and you might even hate me for saying it.

When I guide clients through my organic, intuitive copywriting process, I facilitate by asking you lots of deep questions. You answer my questions, I type your responses, and our dialogue becomes your website copy. The reason I do it this way is so we can extract the truth straight from your heart and soul — not from thinking of marketing gimmicks nor writing what we think people might want to hear.

Whenever I work with clients who are opening their first business, venturing into unknown territory, or providing a coaching service they’ve never offered before, I especially steer their copy toward talking about their values, brand, heart and vision.

This I do because I know they don’t necessarily have a ‘track record’ or testimonials to provide evidence of what they have done for people.

Just because you don’t have a track record doesn’t mean you can’t enter into that business. I have no track record in selling furniture either. Everyone has to begin somewhere.

What I don’t do is enable entrepreneurs to be inauthentic or paint a false picture or make false claims about themselves or their services. There is a toxic problem in the coaching world and mostly that has to do with copywriting being overly exaggerated or painting false pictures.

For example, in my opinion, I think if a coach is struggling financially, he or she needs to be very mindful about marketing services that promises others financial success. Or, first–time entrepreneurs also need to be very thoughtful about selling entrepreneurship coaching.

I know that in many regards, we teach to reinforce what we are trying to learn. But I think it’s one thing to teach concepts to yourself and to others, and entirely something different to promise results. Can we really give what we don’t have to give?

For example, a couple of years ago, someone I know to be dead broke tried to sell me financial abundance / money manifesting coaching services. What the hell is going on? I literally LOL’d on the phone and told them thanks, but no thanks.

As I stepped deeper into the coaching world, I discovered problems that made me uncomfortable and sometimes a little bit sick to my stomach.

First of which is, as you know, I am always promoting you to develop more self–authority in your business, even as I market my own coaching services to you. If you hire me to be a member of your team, I never strip away your ability to make decisions for yourself or claim to know your purpose and vision more than you do.

Second of which, a lot of the coaches selling coaching programs are simultaneously being coached by others on the very same issues they claim in their marketing to have mastered and are promising to teach to you.

My best analogy is, can a baby who hasn’t learned how to walk claim to teach others babies how to walk?

Something about this whole pyramid, top–down coaching structure bothers me greatly. They tell you exactly what to say to rope in and pressure a potential client. I know because I’ve interviewed coaches for myself and I always end up feeling terrible about myself at the end of the calls. The suggestion is, I can’t be trusted to make good decisions for myself, I can’t be trusted to be responsible for my business’s well being, and that I can’t be trusted to hold myself accountable.

Take a look around because that is the majority of the copywriting and sales closing tactics out there: you cannot be trusted, so if you don’t hire so and so, you’ll either fail or get there too slowly or make too many mistakes, suggesting that none of that is okay.

Why do people presssure with sales scripts and operate from behind façades? Well, because we feel inadequate and want to present a successful–looking exterior. We don’t accept where we are and want to appear further along than we actually are. We also don’t feel like we are good enough to bring in clients just by being ourselves. We also can’t speak soul–level truth in copywriting because that is not the fear, shame and panic–driven language that alarms people to buy.

You know, I’ve created and hidden behind façades before. It is suffocating to the spirit and I have hurt myself and others in the process.

Obviously, you can pursue whatever path you want and as I said, not having a track record doesn’t shut you out from work you are passionate about and feel called to serve. Just that when you write your copy and market yourself, do it in a way that is 100 percent authentic and truthful to where you are right now.

In other words, just be honest. Be okay with being the real you, standing in wherever you are right now.

I hope every entrepreneur who reads this takes this to heart. I’m not trying to shame or hurt or embarrass anyone. My hope is that this will promote more authenticity in marketing and help your clients connect with the real you. After all, if a client decides to work with you based on your façade, you will never feel enough just being you.

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