How to present and price your services

Today, I’m going to teach you a little bit about price presentation strategy and how that affects potential customers as they are browsing your website.

Do you ever shop at big box discount stores like Target?

What about higher end department stores like Nordstrom?

The next time you go to either type of retail store, I’d like you to observe how they organize their inventory, and how that corresponds to what you expect to see when you walk through their front doors.

Picture yourself going inside Target or any big box discount store. What is the first thing you are likely to see? For me, the first thing I see are the dollar bargain racks.

Throughout the store, there are savings calling out to you everywhere. That’s the way they want it and that’s the way it works for them.

Contrast that with a trip to Nordstrom. Picture yourself valet parking your car and sashaying through the entrance. What are the first things that you see? Burberry. Valentino. Fendi. The high end stuff comes first. The clearance bin is tucked away toward the back.

Now think about your own business and see how you are presenting your services to your customers. Do you want to be a Target or do you want to be a Nordstrom?

Here’s what I’m seeing: lots of entrepreneurs are striving to make more money through fewer clients. But if you take a look most websites, people are leading their homepages with discounts and having their Work With Me pages start with the lowest priced offerings first. The high end stuff tends to come at the very bottom, at the end.

That means, their websites are more positioned to make less money and through more people, which is the opposite of what they’re trying to create.

If you want to make money through more clients, then it is okay to lead with your lower end offerings and discounts first. There’s nothing wrong with relying on volume rather than on price. Amazon makes tons of money that way.

But if you are trying to make more money through fewer clients, don’t list your services in the order from the lowest price to the highest price. List them in reverse, by presenting and focusing on your higher end offerings first.

You’ll want to spend 80% of your time and your website real estate to market to your target audience. If your target audience is not the type to buy only when you discount, then you will know how to present your services accordingly.

In short, don’t price your services from lowest price to highest price just because it makes sense logically in your mind.

Organize your services from the highest price to the lowest price, or from the most relevant to the least relevant to your target audience.

You can also sandwich your lowest priced offering in the middle of two higher priced offerings. The contrast in pricing helps people truly evaluate what they are buying rather than through the perception of where they are placed on your page.

It’s important that you also communicate and reinforce your value every step of the way. Bargain hunters, who shop by price, resist hanging out with me. Those who are “in the know” and know high quality will feel like they belong.

By leading with the absolute BEST thing you can offer, front and center, you are making it known that this is what you’re reputable for.

Ask yourself, if you lead with the cheapest thing you can offer, how does that serve you sales–wise? How does that serve you reputation–wise? If they don’t, then it’s time to make a change.

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