Why you don’t need to fear rejection

Back in the day (okay, not that long ago in 2013 and 2014), I taught entrepreneurs how to magnetize ideal clients through writing targeted copy and then closing sales one–on–one by using their intuition.

After all, I was enjoying a cushy 85 percent closing rate (closing 8.5 out of every 10 sales calls) and I wanted to help others understand my sales instincts and implement what works.

As effective as my tactics are, still there is no strategy to mitigate inevitably what each entrepreneur goes through, no matter how good your services are or how much you wanted a particular door to open — and that is, getting rejected.

I have some insight today that will help you not only feel safer as you take creative risks, but to also take the sting off of the opportunities that you really wanted to go your way, but didn’t.

As a confident salesperson, I am comfortable offering services to others and finding out how I can help them. Sales calls are a breeze and really don’t require me to do anything other than to just show up. As a giver, I feel I have power.

Where I have trouble is asking to receive help. Receiving is where I feel I have no control. Even when I am the prospective client interviewing the vendors I want to pay, I get afraid that they will reject me. So whether you and I fear asking for the sale or asking for help, it all (unconsciously) comes down to: Am I worthy enough to get it?

What if it’s not even about worth at all? I don’t know about you, but I believe in soul contracts — agreements that were made between you and other souls before you were born. Whether it is to cross paths, help each other, teach each other or be in relationship with one another, we made these agreements prior to incarnating.

If you look at your business through this lens, you will start to sense that nothing is really random and those people you have agreed to help has already been set up. Soul contracts mean line–ups are technicalities — not about worth. Which means that you can start to relax about whether or not you close every single sales opportunity, ease up on being a restless go–getter, and also loosen up around your fear of getting rejected.

In other words, if you are meant to help someone and if they are meant to work with you, you don’t have to worry about getting rejected, because that is probably not what it is about. It’s not a rejection thing, it’s a soul contract thing. A “this is meant to be / not meant to be” thing.

This is what I’ve been coaching myself on lately as I prepare for another upcoming trip to Paris to meet with who I hope to be my holy grail furniture manufacturer. What if he rejects my call for help? What if I’m not good enough to be helped? Then I remember that if I have a soul contract with this person or organization, I don’t need to agonize over the possibility of rejection. On some level, whether or not this happens is done.

It doesn’t mean you don’t have to take action, make decisions for yourself or work hard. It just means that you do what is yours to do, choose what is yours to choose, and then let the natural Divine order of things to do the rest of the heavy lifting.

It also means that you can devote 100 percent of your energy into doing your thang and not overly preoccupy yourself with creating the perfect outcome and always trying to say the right thing in every sales call or trigger people the right way to buy your stuff.

Look — you can be masterful at sales, have a gorgeous website, come up with spiffy program names and taglines, and do everything right. But you still have absolutely no control over who will buy, which are your bestsellers, which door will open, and when. Is that rejection? No, I don’t believe it is. It is about surrender. Much as I protest it, I believe in Divine timing. Have you ever tried to push Divine timing? It doesn’t work and you will end up exhausted. I also believe that you don’t need — and you can’t expect — that all doors will open for you. Just the right ones will do.

There are so many layers to soul contracts, free will and Divine timing and I still have so much to learn (from Robert Ohotto) and integrate into my approach to entrepreneurship. To me, managing the emotional ups and downs is the most profound and intriguing part of the entrepreneurial journey.

As you see everything from a higher perspective, you can breathe a little easier every time you get on a sales call, launch a program, ask for a sale or ask for help. Don’t get too sad when a door appears to be closed — there could be other elements at play that may not even be about you. Let go of what isn’t meant to be and focus on consciously creating, choosing, unfolding and receiving what is.

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