Why other entrepreneurs fly while you drag slowly along (or so it seems)

Have you ever seen another entrepreneur do so well, create so much, and fly so quickly, and feel bad about the snail’s pace that you’re slugging through?

Why is it that some entrepreneurs fly while others sort of drag along? There are many layers to this answer but here’s the core of what’s happening when you feel bad about the pace of your growth:

1. You can only create as fast as you can process your own awakening

Creation is the act of taking what’s within you to what’s with–out you. Sometimes, you are creating a business idea, a new income path or a project—you take the inspiration, idea, and the energy from your inside and spin it into material, physical form to your outside. And other times, you’re creating space for your own awakening and lessons, and the process is much like that—from inside to out.

Lots of times, both mechanisms are working simultaneously—you can be creating and processing emotions at the same time— from fear, to resistance, to unconscious behavior becoming conscious, to breaking through emotional shackles. So you might take one step in creating and then need to step back and process the underlying shifts that just happened.

Taking temporary pauses in between creation and change is helpful, because you can’t always immediately see the shifts that occur. There will be times when you can’t put words to how you feel but you can intuitively sense the energy beneath your feet rumble. You need to wait for those shifts to turn into solid ground and stabilize a bit before you feel sturdy enough to create again. This constant stop–and–go process can make you feel like you’re crawling, not flying, or not maintaining any steady altitude in your business.

2. We all have a ‘rite of passage’ as entrepreneurs, to mature & ripen into new levels of potential

So why does it seem like other entrepreneurs don’t go through the constant stop–and–go? Well, they do—you just don’t see it.

We are always changing and things are always in motion. No matter how successful you become or how large your business gets, you will always encounter some kind of stop–and–go. That’s because this is the nature of creation—something is either growing or it’s dying and there are resting periods in between. Projects, ideas and clients will move in and out of your life, and your fears and desires will also move in and out of your life. No one ever flies the skies without coming down to the ground to rest, reassess the path, refuel and regenerate ideas. It doesn’t matter if you are a solo–entrepreneur or a mogul or an artist or an athlete. You will stop. And you will go.

The challenge is not about trying to stop stopping. The challenge is in managing your stop—allowing yourself to rest, energetically mature and letting the fruits of your labor to take shape in the Universe (and letting the Universe do its share for you).

It’s also about managing the gap between creative episodes. Do you schedule in your stops or do you work until burnout, ensuring that when you stop, you are forced to stop and have to stop for a very long period for recovery? Or, do you give in to Resistance and does it take a lot of energy to reboot your system? If you aren’t managing your stops–and–goes, it will seem like you are taking one step forward and two steps back—as if others are flying while you’re crawling.

3. Are you comparing or judging your journey to someone else’s?

We all have life lessons to work through, which are served to us along the path of entrepreneurship. Growing your business = growing your soul. No one escapes life lessons and we all work through them at different speeds based on our tolerance level for fear, discomfort and change, plus Divine timing. So just because someone else’s outside appears all perfect and shiny doesn’t mean they didn’t need to power up their courage and combat through a ton of blocks to get to where they are now.

Do some people really have it easier? Does it seem like other people’s hurdle bars are set much lower than yours? Life lessons are never easy to the person that’s learning them. Lessons that look easy to you are harder for others, and vice versa. It’s not that other people have easier lessons. It’s that they have different lessons.

I have a friend that, every time she sees me, laments I have it so much easier because I don’t have children. I chose not to start a family in this lifetime as I am so devoted to my dreams, and I have a hard time explaining to her that I don’t have it easier, I have it different. She couldn’t navigate one day in my life, and I couldn’t navigate one day in hers either.

Redirect your focus back on to yourself. And here’s the thing too: when you are totally present, showed up and fully immersed in your own journey—plus taking action, managing your fears and integrating lessons, guess what—you won’t even have time or energy to focus on others. Your emotional and mental system will be so occupied by what’s in front of you that you won’t notice what’s going on out there. And if you’re going at top speed—even if that feels like a crawl to you right now, sometimes that’s all you can handle short of throwing up. You’ll be so stretched that you’ll feel obliged to stay connected to your own journey.

4. Shame hates waiting

Furthermore, make sure your sense of urgency is not coming from your shame center. Desires born out of shame don’t care about Divine timing. Shame–based desires also don’t care about making sure your foundation is strong and sturdy before you build success on top. Shame wants what it wants NOW, while your heart and soul wants to create that dream and learn all those life lessons and have the emotional infrastructure to keep you flying.

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