Why intuition can sometimes guide you to failure

Have you ever been intuitively guided to do something that failed or turned out to be ‘wrong’?

Or, have you ever stopped yourself from taking action because you thought it was unaligned?

If it failed, does that mean it was unaligned? What if your heart or intuition led you to ‘failure’?

If you spend a lot of time trying to figure out what’s aligned and not aligned, I bet the over–analyzing drives you crazy. Today I’m here to demystify this alignment puzzle.

Before I discovered spirituality, there was no such question of alignment or unalignment. If I wanted to accomplish something, I didn’t think twice and I’d go do it.

After discovering spirituality and energetic alignment, I would keep checking whether if something I wanted is aligned or unaligned with my path. I’d check my intuition. I’d check with my guides. I’d check with my angels. I’d get intuitive readings. I’d consult the pendulum too, for good measure.

The more that I checked, the more ineffective I became in making decisions. Sometimes, I just let time stand still while I chose nothing. I’m not sure how I developed a preoccupation over alignment vs. unalignment. Was it from the Law of Attraction nonsense? Was it from spiritual teachings? All of it drives me crazy.

Even more confusing is that we all have different definitions of what’s considered alignment. Some people measure alignment with clients and money. People say, if the idea makes money, then it’s aligned. If sales or clients don’t show up, then it’s unaligned. But you know what? I’ve experienced making $0 when things were ‘aligned’ and also lots of money when it was ‘unaligned.’

And then others say that joy is the result of alignment. If it’s aligned, you should feel utter joy in your heart and it’s all butterflies and rainbows. But I’ve also walked lots of aligned paths that had no joy in the conventional sense but instead provided tons of painful and hard lessons.

I decided to return to center, to stop caring about it so much, to a time when I didn’t check for alignment at all. Back then, I didn’t even know what alignment was. I was a lot more productive because I was acting on my creative impulses. I didn’t need to have a board meeting with my spiritual team before I used to take action. Ah, the freedom!

So what exactly is alignment then?

Here’s my personal definition and you can try this on for size:

If you think of an idea, you are already aligned with the idea in some way. Something about the idea is aligned with where you are right now. Either the entire idea is aligned, or a piece of the idea is aligned, or the essence of the idea is aligned.

You are either aligned to the light or you’re aligned to the shadow (or both). If none of it were aligned, you wouldn’t even think of it. Even if you did think of it, it wouldn’t hold your attention.

Let’s break it down further. In my opinion, there are four types of alignment:

• Your thinking is aligned

• Your heart is aligned

• Your power center is aligned

The byproduct of it is aligned (a life lesson, a piece of information for next time, someone you need to meet or work with)

So if the actual idea isn’t aligned, sometimes it’s the lesson or byproduct that’s aligned. Acting on this idea will bring through a specific lesson or a byproduct that is aligned with your path. A byproduct can be a piece of information you need to learn, a wound you need to heal, a skill you need to master, or someone that you need to meet.

That is why you can be intuitively guided to birth a business that fails. That’s why you can be inspired to take an action that’s really wrong for you.

Did the Universe leave you to fend for yourself or is it playing a mean trick on you? No. The actual thing wasn’t aligned, but the lesson was. Or, this particular business wasn’t aligned, but you had to learn a piece to bring into your next business, one which is more aligned than this one.

Thus, it doesn’t mean that clients + sales = aligned, and no clients and no sales = unaligned.

Here’s what I see a lot right now: People are birthing businesses that their own energy isn’t ready for. Clients and sales don’t seem to be showing up. Their thinking is aligned. Their heart is aligned. Their power center is not aligned. And the byproduct of it is very aligned.

On the surface, it might seem like their intuition failed them or that the Universe guided them down a path of unalignment. But by birthing this “failed” or inactive business, you pick up pieces that you need for next time. Maybe you’ll be guided to do shadow work. Maybe you needed to first discern the wrong fit. Maybe you need to connect with your heart or to others people’s hearts. This connection leads you to another creative revolution and creative iteration and you get closer to complete alignment.

Getting to alignment

You can’t mentally strategize your way to alignment. The only way to become aligned is to take action on something so that things are able shift and shift again. What seems unaligned may be aligned in ways we can’t yet see or understand. We don’t get to know the reason for that sometimes. If it seems unaligned to you right now, that’s because it hasn’t reached the end yet. There is more shifting and aligning to go.

So don’t worry about alignment vs. unalignment anymore. Nothing can be more unproductive than to try figuring out what category your idea belongs to. Don’t stand at the sidelines if someone tells you that your dream isn’t aligned. In some way, it is aligned. Go find out which pieces are and which pieces aren’t, and then work on them.

Your dream either pings your heart or it pings your shame (or both). It either aligns with the light or it aligns with your shadow. Either way, it is aligned. Either way, you will be guided to learn what you need to learn, in order to bring through what you are truly destined to create.

In some ways, unalignment is sort of like saying you chose the wrong path. My higher self knows that there is no ‘wrong’ path. There are regrettable paths but there is no wrong path.

And if everything is aligned, then you don’t have to worry about being wrong.

In the end, are you really that concerned whether something is aligned or not? I think the preoccupation has to do with asking for permission if it’s okay to want what you want. If you want something, assume that you do want it and that it’s okay for you to pursue it.

Here’s the bottom line: No one outside of you can judge whether something is right for you or not. The only path to self–authority is to act on your idea and gain personal experience for yourself.

It is easy to go out and shop for someone else’s approval. You can get that in one phone call or in one Facebook post and poll people on what they think you should do. But it takes work and guts and conviction to go out and discover your OWN opinion.

My best advice today is this: Shop for your own opinion on what you should or shouldn’t do. Don’t worry about being wrong. Don’t check for alignment. Do the work and gain your own insight.

What happens IS the alignment.

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