Where do sales really come from?

At this very moment, I feel there are 2 kinds of entrepreneur: one that is dillydallying around, and one that is dead serious about making money and kicking ass in the world.

Dillydallying around (which is okay — I’m not judging!) is where someone does everything except sales. It means: Counting Facebook likes instead of sales. Being a student of entrepreneurship instead of being an entrepreneur. Meditating for sales instead of sales. Having rounds of meetings to talk about deals instead of actually making a deal. You get the picture.

And then there is the dead serious entrepreneur, who understands so clearly the distinction between which actions truly build the business versus distractions that only create the illusion of business.

One of the things I do superbly well is to help entrepreneurs get tightly focused on what really matters, which comes down to 3 things:

1. Sales
2. Sales
3. Sales

Everything you do (or you think that you’re doing) is, in the end, in service to sales. Marketing is in service to sales — for what use is marketing if it’s not to create sales?

Branding is in service to sales — because the goal of branding is to get people to spend more money.

Even self–care is in service to sales — because you can’t make money when you’re tired, grumpy, sick or need rest.

So here’s the million dollar question: where do sales really come from? Where does that first dollar originate?

Here’s the best analogy that I can explain it:

Your business is your garden. Sales are all the crops you’re harvesting. Marketing is the act of tending your garden and doing things to make it receptive to the attraction of people. You are the gardener. The air, water and warm sun that makes the garden flourish — that, my darling, is called Love.

Bingo. All sales originate from Love.

It means that the first step to creating sales is to love who you are, love your gifts and love this exquisite opportunity you were given in this lifetime.

It is only when you can love yourself and your existence so generously and intensely that a beautiful business can be born. You can’t create a business if you believe you don’t deserve to be here, or that you don’t deserve to charge money for your gifts, or that you don’t deserve a chance to make a difference.

You can let life defeat you, or you can love it back, and in that process, make that love so deep like the reddest of red wine, so that people cannot help but to call for your presence in their lives.

That’s why when I set out to create my newest program, Aura Branding, it is centered around the idea that creating sales starts with loving yourself into being.

It starts with taking the full tapestry of you — your personality, your desires, your temptations, your history, your unique perspective of the world — and making that into an eruptive, disruptive branding force that says: I am a gift to you, as you are a gift to me.

Most of you reading this don’t even believe you are a gift. Most of you believe you are some kind of burden, or someone’s problem, or taking up space. I know this because I used to (and sometimes still) believe I was a burden, too.

Sales start with love and being exactly who you are, even if it is your silly, dorky or artsy self. Bank on being yourself. Bank on being different. There is no other way. When all other roads lead to no sales, what other choice is there?

As much as I teach copywriting, do you know what is the real pinnacle to copywriting? It is when your brand is so emotionally powerful that you transcend the need for words. It is when your work finally speaks for itself that you don’t need to craft that perfect message. It’s when someone arrives at your website and they just KNOW you’re the One.

It is when a client experiences Love At First Sight, with you.

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