What happens to your business when you choose not to focus

Today I want to talk about multi–passionate entrepreneurship — I know there are plenty of you who love so many different things, have more than a few skills and want to do it all.

Some days, you might focus on one business idea and other days, maybe your heart will carry you on a whim to something else. You might buy a new domain, start a new blog, join a blog challenge, take a new course, change your website name, create a totally different service, find a ‘better’ niche to target, and basically just start a whole new website every time a better idea comes along. Half–baked they are, but hey, at least you’re following your heart and intuition, right?

I do believe that multi–passionate entrepreneurs have the potential to accomplish many different tracks of businesses if they strategize accordingly. Some people will say that ‘one who chases two rabbits catches none’ but you know me — I don’t believe in rules and dogma. (For example, not to get technical here but one who hires two people to chase each rabbit respectively is a way to catch both rabbits. Doing it yourself is called entrepreneurship. Hiring others is called ownership — more on that next time.)

However, solo entrepreneurs who have a difficult time focusing on ONE thing — one business idea, one service, one direction, one type of client — experience an emotional block that goes beyond just simply having too many interests at once.

Here’s the deeper truth: If you lack focus, fear focus, choose not to focus, or jump around from idea to idea or from business to business, that is about you not trusting in your ability to make money.

Multi–passionate entrepreneurs fear focus and choice because they believe that doing so robs them of potential and opportunity to accomplish so much more. But here’s the thing: Not choosing is robbing yourself from being successful at any one thing.

Choosing moves you forward. Not choosing keeps you stuck.

Whether you are entertaining several business directions or whether you’re piling on distractions or side responsibilities that don’t even belong to you — these are all ways where you express your avoidance in making money and your doubts about your ability to do so.

By avoiding choice, you avoid outcomes — outcomes that could very well reflect the perceptions you carry about yourself. If you deep down question your ability to make money, then you’ll never go far enough to test whether your beliefs about yourself are true. You’ll never even want to come close to finding out. This is one of the self–sabotaging acts that come up for my clients (and me, too) when they suddenly decide to switch paths at the eleventh hour just when they need to focus the most.

The next time you find yourself being wishy–washy, being neither here nor there, checking in and then checking out, repeatedly pulling the plug on creations, launching stuff and then going invisible, piling on distractions, busying yourself with non–moneymaking tasks, or taking yourself up to a point and then stop progressing any further — ask yourself: Where do you distrust yourself and your ability to make money? Do you believe you don’t have what it takes? If you made a wrong move or screw this up, what do you think it would mean about you?

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