Trusting the Universe to take care of your needs

Just this morning, I had a dream that ‘god’ consulted me about something. I received an intuitive hit and I gave ‘god’ guidance. And my intuition turned out to be wrong, dead wrong! Something bad happened to ‘god’ and I blamed myself heavily.

In my dream, I checked in with myself and I felt deep down, my intuition was right. But listening to it made something bad happen. ‘God’ (I) got hurt. Because I was wrong.

I have trust issues with the Universe and my dream illuminated that quite clearly. Do you? I don’t suppose I am the only one who has issues trusting the Universe to meet our needs – whether they’re basic survival needs or resources that we ask for in order to heal or grow our businesses.

Trust issues begin in childhood when we were left unprotected, unloved, insecure, physically abandoned, emotionally abandoned, abused, had to fend for ourselves, or had to skip over childhood and grow up really fast.

Lots of us share a similar past, I believe, and for me, I was always viewed as sort of a “Vice President” of my family, which wasn’t really a family, but a corporation. I got financially exploited a lot and got thrown under the bus a few times. To be seen as not who you are but what you can get for other people – it makes you question who you can trust.

Caroline Myss says that children who have been abused carry a very fierce will to become wealthy when they grow up, so that they never have to be subjected to the whims and control of another. In order to prevent bad things from happening, we start to exert more control. And we worry about everything that can go wrong.

The paradox is that to create authentic, lasting and joyful wealth is by co–creating with the Universe. It means giving up control, learning to work together, giving the Universe a seat at the table, receiving help, and trusting that it will deliver.

Basically, it’s our childhood experience turned upside down 180 degrees. An alternate Universe of reality.

If you have much bigger dreams than the one you are currently living, then trust is the path there.

What’s your current trust level with the Universe in terms of providing for your income? If you currently trust it to deliver a few thousand dollars per month, then what about tens or hundreds of thousands per month? Millions per month? Tens of millions per month? Hundreds of millions per month?

Where do you stop trusting? Do you stop?

Big trust = big miracles.
Small trust = drips and drabs here and there as you’ll allow it.
Which would you prefer?

Have a talk with your victim self to learn why you’re scared to trust. Are you afraid the Universe will make a victim out of you? Are you afraid the Universe behaves like unconscious people do on their most challenging days — like renege on their word, lie to you, pull the rug out from under you, cheat on you, neglect you, betray you, compete with you, sabotage you and then laugh at you?

Do you believe the Universe is like a bigger version of your parents? I did.

Let’s pretend for a moment that there is no Divine support system in place and there’s nothing we can trust. If that were true, each and every one of us would get radio silence when we tune into intuitive guidance. And if support didn’t exist, why would your Guides and Angels even bother being here and attach themselves to your life?

The fact that we do receive intuitive guidance on demand is evidence that there’s things at work behind the scenes we don’t get to see. You don’t get to see them because your smaller self wouldn’t understand them, you couldn’t control them, and you would probably block good from happening.

Sometimes, what you don’t get to know and see is for your greater good. If you cannot see what’s possible with your eyes, then you must learn to see what’s true with your heart.

Your challenge and mine is to learn to truly co–create with the Universe in the most synergistic way. What is synergy? says synergy is “the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements.”

It means that you alone is a single musical note. But you + The Universe = Mozart.

We live in a world of action, where action = value and no action = lazy, weak or falling behind. Everywhere you turn is another website or sales page about taking action, stepping outside of your comfort zone, saying yes, moving forward, buying now and all of that.

But there are some of us -— perhaps lots of us — who already take tons of action. The answer here perhaps is not more action, but less action. The answer here is not more doing, but more allowing.

Who knew that co–creation starts with taking less action? For driven entrepreneurs, this is true.

That’s why I’m ceding control and embarking on a path of conscious receiving and bona fide co–creation in the truest, highest sense of the word. I’m not just saying this because it’s spiritually trendy. I’m saying this because I learned that it’s insane to try to control a small pond when I can let go and the Universe is mine. And yours, too.

To trust means to allow in Love. Co–creation is where you + the Universe co-love your dream business into being. Like mother and father. Like earth and sun. Like seed and soil.

Let the Universe love you, sweetheart. Just let it love you the whole way there.

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