Myth or fact: Can using coupons sabotage your chances for abundance?

Today I want to talk about something that really annoys me and to dispel some b.s. A couple of years ago, I started studying the wealth mindset through a success coach. This coach curses the existence of coupons and says to never, ever use them, because coupons are from the pit of hell and doing so means you are perpetuating the lack in your life and blocking abundance.

You know me — I never take anything at face value. So I took this piece of dogma (a.k.a. “someone else’s perception”) and began looking at it from different sides.

I thought to myself, if saving money with coupons equals lack, then its opposite must also be true: paying extra fees equals abundance? Hmm. I wonder how this coach does negotiations for the business. Does this coach never try to negotiate for a better deal? Would this person be okay with being ripped off, because negotiating for a better deal equals receiving savings, a.k.a. a coupon? Who knows? I wonder.

More than that, I thought, coupons are nothing more than graphics printed on paper that represent a dollar value. Hmmm — that’s interesting — money is also nothing more than graphics printed on paper that represent a dollar value, too. So if I am buying something for $20 and I use one piece of paper that says $10 on it, plus another paper that says $10 on it — don’t they accomplish the same thing?

Furthermore, the concept of coupons was invented by retailers to create more abundance. In fact, retailers will now price something at $100, but first they will mark it up to $200 and then give you 50% savings. That’s just how retailing incentives work. That’s how companies generate abundance. Even coaches do it. Ever sign up for early bird registration savings — hello — coupon?!

Don’t get me wrong — I am not arguing in favor of the coupon nor against it. Personally, I couldn’t care less. Their absence doesn’t offend me. Their existence doesn’t offend me.

I feel that coupons — like everything else — are neutral. We know that money is neutral and that we add our own perceptions to it. Therefore it should be no different with coupons — they too are neutral, except when people add their own perceptions to them.

I just don’t feel that it is necessary to shame people into believing that there is something wrong with them if they used coupons, or that they need to spend a certain dollar amount in order to ‘buy’ their way into the ‘abundance’ club. In times of need, people see coupons as gifts from the Universe, not from the pit of hell.

The way I see it, there is no reason to fear coupons as if they are demons that will sabotage abundance and success. And on the flip side, there is no reason to worship coupons either as if they are saviors that will make you rich. Coupons don’t have that kind of power.

There is actually more. I have also heard coaches say that one should always sit in the front of the plane and the back of the car. Insert chuckle. For every million–dollar coach out there who teaches this, there is someone much wealthier who wouldn’t consider flying anything less than their own personal plane. Who is to say that flying first class isn’t for muggles with a lack mindset? Just who decides?

Moreover, for every person who believes flying first class is an abundance–affirming purchase, there is a billionaire who insists on living very simply and frugally, which on the outside looks like ‘lack’ mentality. Like Warren Buffet. Ingvar Kamprad. And loads more. They don’t live ostentatiously by choice. And guess what — those choices didn’t sabotage their chances for abundance or reaffirm ‘lack’. What matters isn’t what you buy or don’t buy, but what you are destined for and which beliefs live between your ears.

I’m very concerned because I see people genuinely feel very nervous and fearful about doing the abundance thing wrong and somehow flying economy class will ruin their chances of wealth. As a luxury consumer and marketer — let me say, that’s not how luxury works. Luxury is about enchanting people to spend more money above reason and logic, from a place of intoxicating desire—not about scaring people.

I just find it amusing that coaches would declare a list of items that are considered ‘abundance–affirming’ purchases vs. ‘lack–affirming’ purchases. For every successful coach out there who carries a Louis Vuitton handbag thinking it is an abundance–affirming purchase, I will show you a demographic of people who carry Louis Vuitton to the fish market because it’s so cheap, it’s okay to get it dirty and better to leave the real stuff at home.

I am being sarcastic to prove a point because where does one draw the line — where does it stop? Just who decides what is a lack–affirming purchase vs. an abundance–affirming purchase? Come on now.

When you hire a coach, know that you’re not buying a business plan or a marketing strategy. You’re buying a piece of that coach’s internal programming, so you better be sure to check them out left, right, center, up, down, backwards and forwards before you decide whether that programming is true for you.

Obviously I have a lot to say on this topic and I can keep on going. But let me end here by saying that like everything else, you will find your own truth when it comes to the generation of abundance and what is the right kind of lifestyle for you. Buy what you want. Do what you want. Use coupons, don’t use coupons — whatever.

Everything is neutral, including energy, and if everything has a dark side and a light side, then it’s up to you to investigate the truth and leave the religion behind.

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