What to do when you lose confidence in yourself

Today, I want to talk to you about your confidence level when your creations or services fail to sell.

I’m betting that more than once, you’ve put something out there that you really believed in, but sales, for whatever reason, just fell flat. No one showed up, no one bought anything, and there’s not even a peep from anyone to validate what you put out there is aligned.

Because of that, your confidence has probably taken a direct hit and you’re feeling awfully low about yourself. You might start pulling stuff off your website, shutting stuff down, or resigning to feeling gloomy and hopeless about your future.

This is the vulnerable yet pivotal moment that I want to address today.

When we create our products and services, lots of times we’re creating them in a vacuum inside our own heart space. When you launch your heart into the world, it is normal for you to expect validation, fanfare, congratulations, an explosion of sales, lots of sign ups and interest, Paypal receipts jamming your inbox or customers lining up around the block.

In some ways, you expect the world on the outside to match how you feel about your creation on the inside. But when you don’t receive that validation — what happens to you on the inside?

Do you go to the “I suck and no one values me” place?

Here’s the thing: Not every launch, product nor service is going to explode with sales straight away. Most do not. Sometimes, you won’t have instant gratification to congratulate you or to mirror back to you whether you’ve hit the right notes. That’s completely normal.

What you can rely on is how you feel about your creation on the inside. During those quiet times is when you need to feed yourself from your own well of faith and double–down on it to sustain yourself.

There is one single thought that separates those who triumph over this quiet but pivotal period vs. those who choose to declare defeat and retreat. This one belief separates those who ultimately succeed from those who will always keep trying. This one single thought is:

Even if no one shows up, I am still worthy and lovable.

This is so important, it bears repeating:

Even if no one shows up, and even if no one buys my stuff, I am still worthy and lovable.

The power of this thought rests in detachment. Specifically, detach how you feel about yourself from how your creations actually perform, money–wise.

In other words, sales validate whether your product or service has market viability, but do not ever use sales to validate your self–worth.

By staying out of the shame zone, you keep yourself energized and harness the additional jet fuel you need to keep moving forward.

From this day forward, I want you to stop taking lack of sales results a little too personally and to stop equating slow sales with feeling like the world has rejected you. Channel your energy into learning, growing and evolving.

The late Aaliyah sang it best:

If at first you don’t succeed,
You can dust it off and try again,
Dust yourself off and try again,
Try again,
And again.

Remember, the only person who can wreck your confidence is you. Chin up, baby! Now go out and have a fabulous week.

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  • February 5, 2014

    I love this post because I have been there for sure. I do LOVE all my offerings even though the sales aren’t super great right now. I think my challenge isn’t the offer itself, is the marketing of it….my copy may not be as tight as it ‘should’ be, but I’m fine with it. I’m still learning the online business “ropes” and I know it takes time. I’m super grateful for the sales I have had, though!

    The time will come, right? 🙂

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