Are you afraid of your power?

Last week, I had an enlightening heart–to–heart talk with a client and she shared something very tender with me. She said that when she tries to sell something, she secretly wishes that no one will buy or show up.

You know what? I’ve had those same thoughts before too, and I bet you have as well. If we know we are totally awesome, why in the world would we secretly discourage people from buying our stuff?

It has to do with a few things, like not believing in your value or not feeling safe with your gifts.

Mostly, it’s because you are afraid of your own power.

Most of us have awakened to our skills and abilities, but it’s another thing to come out and own them, to charge big money for them, and to feel safe strutting them down the entrepreneurial catwalk.

If you don’t feel safe owning your power, you’ll find every excuse not to use it. For example, just before you’re about to make a big sale, you’ll hope something will fall through or expect the person will renege on their word.

If you’re about to give a talk, maybe you hope no one shows up so you won’t end up disappointing anyone or won’t have anything to lose.

If you’re about to meet someone important, you might secretly wish they don’t pick up the phone or that they’re too busy to talk.

Why, o why? Because…

If you don’t own anything, you don’t have anything to lose.

If you have no strength, you’ve got nothing at stake.

If you have no power, you have nothing to risk.

If you have no muscle, you’re not expected to fight, so you can sit on the side and stay safe.

When you’re afraid of your own power, when you get really, really close, you will backpedal or perform an act of self–sabotage. Once your prisoner cage starts to open, your unconscious, knee–jerk reaction will be to lock yourself back up and throw away the key. Sabotage is what keeps you safe inside that box where you say, “Shut the door. Shut it down.”

Powerless is normal for a lot of people. We like to shop our opinions against what others think and we ask our significant others or spouses what we should or shouldn’t buy. We say to people, You decide.

And worst yet, not only are we afraid of our own power, we might feel like frauds and fear getting found out. Feeling like a fraud is what makes us shy away from attention, hem and haw on delicious opportunities, being called an expert, closing a sale, raising prices or being consistent with marketing.

What if you discover you are that powerful? It means that everything has to change.

Because what if you put your power out there and you lose your soul? What if you shine and all of your friends start hating you? What if you feel unready to manage your Light?

My boyfriend tells me that at home, I’m the baby of our house, but when I’m out there, I’m the Queen. I command, he teaches me. My boyfriend also tried to teach his mom to be her own Queen too. He’s wonderful like that.

What is it that you’re really afraid of? For me, I feared success for a while because I thought it meant that people would start coming after me for money. These were real experiences I’ve had, and I thought that if I made more money, I would start to lose more money from constantly bailing people out.

I was also afraid of owning my inner artist because I was taught that if I can’t make money with my skills, then it must be useless. So I put my soul away.

Lots of you have done the same and when you invite your soul to come out and power up, it feels unsafe, as though there are landmines. We’ll tread slowly and cautiously and ask, are you sure this is okay? Will people hate me? If I follow my dreams, will everything fall apart? Those were all beliefs I had to work through and I know lots of you face the same thing, too.

What you fear is what contains your greatest power.

Are you ready to power up?

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  • April 23, 2014

    Really great post Anni! I resonate 100% with this. Especially the part about being afraid of your own light because you’re worried about outshining others. Every time I recognize this in myself, the Marianne Williamson “Our Deepest Fear” quote comes to mind and I remember that by liberating myself from this fear, I am giving others inspiration to do the same.

    I have also learned to just push through the fear. To have courage like a lion. To just do things anyway. And you know what? I’ve never regretted those decisions. Even when I was shaking like a leaf 🙂

    • anni
      April 23, 2014

      Thank you, Nicole. You are so inspiring! That exact quote from Marianne Williamson crossed through my mind too.

      Courage like a lion – I love that!

  • April 24, 2014

    OMG, Anni, get out of my head! LOL 😉
    Yes, I have had the thoughts of secretly not wanting people to buy from me, and yes, my Guides & Angels at this point aren’t gently pushing, they’re SHOVING me to get out there and make myself more visible.

    And yes, feelings of, ‘I’m a fraud” or “I bet the reading I just did with that client is not going to resonate one bit and they’re going to come back saying, ‘That SUCKED!” It’s been all there before and sometimes I still struggle with it.

    But trust me, I’m READY to be out there…I tell those fears to SUCK IT…sometimes I have to remind myself that I tell them to “suck it”, but I’m doing it! I know it’s time…it’s been time!

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