4 do’s and don’ts for starting the new year

The new year has just started, but already so much has happened. I am still blazing the trail in pursuit of manufacturing high–end furniture in Europe. Many of you have asked me if I am still coaching and the answer is yes, my door is still open right now.

2015 is going to be a banner year and we all need lots of help juggling more pieces in our business than ever before. I am big on cultivating a mindset fertile for creativity and success, and with that said, let’s discuss 4 mindset shifts you will likely need this year:

1. Do detach yourself from the idea of ‘failure’

As highly conscious entrepreneurs, we know that ‘failure’ has more to it than just mistakes in operations or finance or management. There is the issue of divine timing, of unalignment, of learning life lessons, of incubation, of vibration, of soul paths and such.

In business terms, failure is black–and–white — very clear cut. In spiritual terms, there is no such thing as failure, because even abominable experiences yield precious life lessons.

We can’t always attribute spiritual explanations in the world of business, especially when we are accountable to others for results (like clients, investors, employees). But here is a new way to perceive so–called failure: We actually live in a world of percentages. Ever watch tennis? Every volley has a percentage (it’s utterly fascinating to see all the numbers). So instead of seeing something as ‘failure’, see it as, say, 26 percent success. Then adjust what you are doing accordingly.

In 2014, I started distancing myself from the idea of failure — not because I don’t want to jinx myself but because the vibration of failure doesn’t resonate with me anymore. Failure feels like a death sentence to me, whereas in real life, business owners learn, grow and evolve. Oftentimes, those ‘failures’ are the richest gifts that enable a business to succeed. So why curse an experience that brought you more life?

2. If others shoot down your idea, don’t take it personally

As an idea generating machine, I know all too well about having your ideas getting shot down. My best guidance for if/when that happens is to not take it personally, even if the comments get personal.

There are various reasons why people can react negatively to your idea: the most common one being that your products and services are not for them. If they are not your target audience, it’s only natural that they don’t ‘get it’ — and don’t expect them to, because who cares? You only need your customers to get you.

Another common reason is the envy/jealousy factor, which I can easily write a 1,000–page anecdote–filled book on. We won’t get into that today but suffice it to say, don’t entertain comments that aren’t even about you.

Thirdly, consider the fact that a person’s comments or perceptions may legitimately be valid. That is where detachment is also key, so you can do the necessary research to see for yourself whether their points are well–founded.

Lastly, know that the only believer you need (besides your customers) is you. The king may surround himself with advisors, but he is still the one to make the final call based on his intentions and best judgment. This is what sovereignty in business means: you are the sole ruler of your kingdom! Not your naysayers, not your parents, and not even your coach.

3. Simultaneously, if others praise your idea, don’t take it personally

I know a thing or two about making people go ooh and aah. That’s why clients hire me to design their websites and that’s why I am born to be a luxury marketer. All my life, the response I get from people is how much they love my work. As nice as that is, I’ve learned to stay neutral — even regarding the good opinions of others, à la Dr. Wayne Dyer.

As I said earlier, the only believer you need is you, and that means you don’t need to be propped up by praise that comes outside of you. Compliments are nice — don’t get me wrong. It’s not that you don’t need anybody or want people to uplift you. It’s that if you get nourished on outside validation and positive reinforcement, what happens to you when the praise doesn’t come? Where do you go on the inside?

So, I’ve cultivated some inner Teflon. I thank people for their compliments but it doesn’t make me feel my work is worthier. I already know that it is.

4. Don’t wait to feel safe

If you are waiting to feel safe before you take your ideas out into the world, I am so sorry to break it to you — the feeling of safety might never arrive.

Yes, entrepreneurship is a crazy scary endeavor and we all want safety and guarantees to protect us against the big bad unknown. Sometimes I lay awake at night conjuring up all the problems I might face in the future. As in, what if someone sits on my chair and it collapses and they break their hip? What if someone takes my business away from me? What if I become super successful yet also lonely?

When we dwell on survival–based fears, what we are worrying about is that we won’t have the ability to handle things or take care of ourselves when something does happen. That’s where you have to ask yourself if those fears are legitimate and probable, and if they are, find out what’s within your control and what’s without.

If it’s getting hurt or getting criticized that you are trying to protect yourself from, realize that you can go out and get criticized any day of the week just for being you or for being alive — you don’t need to start a business for that.

The truth about safety is that you don’t experience the feelings of safety until you start making leaps and realizing how much you are supported while in mid–air. Don’t look for safety in the shadows or on the ground — it’s not there. Rather, seek support and cultivate confidence while you are flying. That is where you’ll benefit from working with a coach like me.

So there you have it — happy new year! I hope this year is everything that you wanted it to be, and more!

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