4 Big Spiritual + Business Truths

Heya, heart–based entrepreneur. Business building is tough, isn’t it? Not only do we have to handle the commercial aspects of business (like sales, marketing, relationships and cash flow), but also manage the emotional roller coasters as well.

If emotions weren’t involved, entrepreneurship would be a million times easier and everyone would do it and become a phenomenal success.

Obstacles like the fear of failure or success, visibility issues, taking risks, building confidence and just plain ol’ perseverance and tenacity really dictate whether or not our dreams become a reality.

Creating financial wealth is important to me, and I’ve made it my life passion to shed every single piece of dysfunction that stands in my way.

For the past few months, I’ve been using my financial intention action plan. Half of it isn’t even about money, but about new behaviors and attitudes to integrate and to stay conscious of.

Because of this list, it has helped me stay focused on my goals and remind myself of what’s important. With this plan, I have been consistently beating my sales quota, but more importantly, I’m keeping myself conscious (mostly) the entire time.

Being conscious of what you’re feeling and what you’re requiring or missing is the core to a happy, heart–based business.

As you learn to manage your emotions, you won’t be so easily side swiped or knocked down by challenges and fears. You’ll also come to meet what’s lurking in your own shadow so you can make sense of it and prevent it from interfering with your ability to get rich.

When I have a fear that interferes with my ability to make money, it feels like an urgent internal allergy that I must purge straight away. That intolerance helps me spring into action.

Fears cost money.

Fears foil dreams and waste time.

Today, I’m going to share with you some of the bullet points on my “Things to Stay Conscious Of” list:

#1: Fish for a lifetime

When we are unhappy with our present circumstances and feeling very drawn to an ideal fantasy, we want to get there now, now, NOW! That means we just want to arrive fashionably early and bypass all of the road blocks, speed bumps, personal experiences and life lessons.

What I’ve learned is that wanting to bypass the journey and all the lessons that come with it is a big indication that your desire comes straight from your ego.

Your soul, on the other hand, loves to dig deep and master those big life lessons. That’s your soul’s thrill in any lifetime.

Because of that, any soul–invested business project is never going to be handed to us by the Universe on a silver platter. And it’s also never perfect straight out of the gate without a learning curve and knowing what to do and what not to do next time.

If you are not going to give up, then you’ve got to be conscious about what’s missing and required, so that you can bring in the changes and stay in the game.

That saying about, “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; show him how to catch fish, and you feed him for a lifetime” is very true — the destination is not as important as the journey. Why? I didn’t understand this till quite recently:

You don’t want to just have an end result. You want to learn how to create it and recreate it and recreate it and recreate it. And recreate it some more.

Imagine how insecure you would feel if someone just handed you with an outcome, but you have no idea how to create it yourself when you need to or when you need it most.

It’s sort of why I go up against a lot of business coaching methods. If the coach simply hands a client an outcome without teaching him how to fish for himself by himself — guess what’s gonna happen when that coaching relationship ends?

Think about all of the sons and daughters who can’t maintain their parents’ or grandparents’ fortunes after being handed a fine family company on a silver platter. For a lot of them, they may own it on the outside, but it’s without self–esteem on the inside.

Business building is tough because you’re building your self–esteem at the same time. To do that, it requires your personal participation, your training in the trenches, your emotional combat, your own a–ha moments, and the intimate feeling of enduring when hope is lost.

Your business can be “taken away” by drama, trauma, circumstances, people or natural disasters, but your memory on how to create income can never be taken away. That precious experience is yours to keep and apply forever.

#2: The power of now

Something else I learned recently is to be fully engaged and be present in whatever I’m doing. When we are very ambitious about where we’re going, it’s so easy to get lost in the future. I’m one of those who is not stuck in the past, but stuck in the future. Because of that, it was challenging to even be in the present moment because the present moment can never compare to what can be sometime down the line.

The lesson I learned is to just do the work in front of me and be fully energetically committed it.

If you think about it, there is really no such thing as the “future.” The future is really just another present moment. And when that future “arrives,” you won’t recognize it if you’re stuck in yet an even more distant future.

#3: Surrender to Divine timing

Here’s a big lesson: Detach from when things happen or don’t happen.

Sometimes, you’re going to do everything you possibly can to effect change or create an outcome, and the result may not be what you want. It happens.

At the end of every action list should be “surrender to Divine timing.” When you’ve sufficiently exhausted the doing, it becomes time for the surrendering.

Some things just can’t be rushed or controlled. For example, building relationships can’t be pressured. Whether or not a client meets his or her payment obligations can’t be controlled. Achieving certain goals can’t be rushed — because sometimes, when our intentions are mixed in with fear and resistance, we will simply not allow ourselves to run any faster.

#4: I am safe.

How high you soar on your business journey is directly proportional to how safe you feel — in your element, in your body, in your gifts, in your community, in the world.

If you think about it, every successful entrepreneur is someone who moves forward in spite of fears of safety, or has made peace with or healed their fear of being unsafe. Or, if they had positive upbringing, they grew up feeling safe.

We don’t speak the truth because it’s not safe from criticism.

We don’t make sales calls because it’s not safe to ask nor put our skills to the test.

We don’t invest because it’s not safe to fail or be wrong.

We don’t love and trust because it’s not safe to be vulnerable.

We don’t start that business or project because it’s not safe to make waves and unfollow the herd.

If you want to get unstuck or really step inside your inner power, deal with your fear of being unsafe. That one fear alone dismantles resistance and opens up the sky.

What I’ve learned is to create a sense of safety inside ourselves. You start by honoring your promises to yourself and not fall back on your word.

In a way, it’s kind of like building trust with yourself, through actions and through time. The more you’re able to trust yourself, the more safety you’ll feel on the inside, and the more momentum and strength you can exert on the outside.

What are some of the important business and spiritual lessons you’ve learned this year? Share it in the comments below — I’d love to hear them.

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